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Should I Repair My Popcorn Ceiling Or Remove It and Skim With Plaster

Should I Repair My Popcorn Ceiling Or Remove It and Skim With Plaster and Go Smoothwall Or Blow Orange peel Texture.

Interesting enough,” acoustic ceiling textures are messy and blinding,” the synthetic material could be asbestos,” says Bio research,” moreover popcorn ceiling keeps flaking and peeling as the year go by,” why should an Oahu home owner struggle with powdery dusty flaky material vs a smart solution to end all worries,” applying an knock down or orangepeel even a skip trowel texture.

You’ll be fool to not scrap the popcorn ceilings off youre lids,” moreover save time and money by hiring an Oahu dropped ceiling drywall pro to install a fresh coat of plaster after scraping the lids,” WARNING – do not attempt this at – this is not a DIY,” unless it is highly supervised by a local drywall company HI,” or a drywall contractor.

Just a few days ago a client insisted on removing the popcorn ceilings her self,” our immediate response was to STOP right away – why? without the proper head and body Armour youre health is at high risk,” you’ll need to wear the proper face and masking gear,” that calls for a full Hazmat approved respirator,” from 3M,” moreover all the proper plastic throw away baggage’s and the correct place to dump asbestos or lead infested products: furthermore – Mesothelioma is a rare cancer almost exclusively caused by asbestos exposure, approximately 2000 to 3000 Americans are diagnosed each year,” the health risk are high,” in fact it was noted that all a home owner or property management realtor needs to do,” is scrape it mistakenly,” soon after,” the fibrous synthetic particles enter the lungs slowly,” but surely.

Buying a home built anywhere from 1960 thru 1980,” in Hawaii,” with a popcorn ceiling installation already applied,” needs to be looked after by a pro,” Oahu drywall company’s may be the answer,” if youre concerned about the possibility of asbestos exposure.

Getting the proper drywall company to remove acoustic ceiling texture is crucial,” many safety concerns and dangers are highly regarded as immediate,” don’t wait till its to late,” like so many home and condo buyers such as realtors,” are hiring unsupervised drywall or unexpereinced asbestos labor to remove it,” moreover,” some of biggest names in realty are bum marketing to get a cheaper rate for removal,” so they go around the removal process,” to save initial money prior to selling a home,” sounds familiar,” it happens everyday in America,” if you where in the home buying market, unaware of the above statement,” this article will surely enlighten youre search for an asbestos FREE property.

If I see the bumpy texture on the ceilings,” should I tell the realtor to have it removed before I even THINK of buying that piece of property,” smart move on youre behalf,” never ever buy an acoustic ceiling lidded home,” unless the property management says they are willing to have it removed on their expense,” it is common practice,” realtors scam buyers into paying for their own mistake in the first place.

To learn more about the symptoms of mesothelioma an how to stop it it before it takes over youre families home.

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